Vacation Day Programs

Photo: E. Parker

Vacation Day Programs

Our Vacation Day programs are 1/2 day programs for students to explore, through hands-on activities and plenty of outdoor fun, nature and natural phenomena. Designed like a typical summer camp day, students will learn about a topic in depth, through science, art, games, and more. Each program stands alone, though students are welcome to join us for more than one theme.

Each Vacation Day program requires pre-registration- including complete student paperwork (see registration form at the bottom of the page). 

WInter 2017 Vacation Day Programs:

December 21: Winter Birds

We'll focus on our backyard birds of winter- those that you'll see and hear at your feeders this season. Go on a bird hike, learn bird calls, make bird feeders to take home, and more. 

December 22: Space and Astronomy

Are you interested in the galaxies, stars, and other celestial bodies? Join us for this three-hour program all about space! Learn to use a star map, hear some of the myths and legends of the night sky, and create a star wheel to take home and use for stargazing throughout the year. 

December 23: Tree-mendous Trees!

This camp gets you up close and personal with some of our biggest residents- our trees! We'll explore the types of trees that live on the Coast, do some leafy science experiments, and even make your own paper. 

December 30: Behind the Scenes at the Pascagoula River Audubon Center

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep our critters healthy and happy? Would you like to work with animals? Join us for this sneak peek behind the scenes of the Pascagoula River Audubon Center- we'll learn about all of our animals and how to feed them and take good care of them. 

January 3: Winter Phenology- a Fascinating Phenomena

Have you ever wondered about the seasons in Mississippi? How do animals and plants know when winter is here? How do they survive the cold season? Join us for this phenology themed day- we'll learn the signs and adaptations that different animals use for migration and hibernation, create our own nature journal for nature observations, and go for a hike to look for tracks, scat, and other signs that animals leave behind. 

January 4: Nature Art

Let's get creative! Nature art is for you if you are inspired by the outdoors and by different types of art- painting, pottery, and paper mache are on the agenda today!

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