Vacation Day Programs

Hands-on outdoor fun for non-school days

Our Vacation Day programs are 1/2 day programs for students to explore, through hands-on activities and plenty of outdoor fun, nature and natural phenomena. Designed like a typical summer camp day, students will learn about a topic through science, art, games, and more. Each program stands alone, though students are welcome to join us for more than one theme. Programming appropriate for children in grades k-5. 

Each Vacation Day program requires pre-registration- including complete student paperwork (see registration form at the bottom of the page). 

Late Winter and Spring 2017 Vacation Day Programs:

February 28: Animal Masquerade

Let's learn all about camouflage, predators and prey, and the many ways that animals use mimickry to survive. We'll make animal masks, do a nature scavenger hunt, and play games to discover more about our animal friends. 

March 1: Wild Weather

Have you ever wondered about the weather in Mississippi? During this vacation day program, we'll make a weather wheel and learn to use weather equipment. We'll also talk about how to be safe during different types of wild weather!

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